Scuba Diving with Autism: My Son’s Inspiring Journey

As a proud mother, I want to share the incredible progress my son has made in scuba diving despite his high-spectrum autism disorder.


Challenges: My son faced difficulties focusing in school, completing tasks, and even basic activities like riding a bike. He struggled with awareness of danger and would require constant supervision, holding hands while crossing the road or staying with me in crowded places.

He just reminds me of lost ducklings in the back of Mum’s cue, not being able to stay in a group, getting lost all the time, and putting himself in danger.


Underwater Stimulation and Development Training: I discovered that many autistic children find solace and calmness underwater.

So, two years ago, I started scuba diving lessons for kids, and it was a life-changing decision for my son. He excelled in scuba diving, mastering skills like equipment setup, body checks, and underwater tasks. The continuous training helped him develop independence, self-esteem, and confidence. From the beginning on he was an underwater scuba pro, from smiling diving past me with a flooded scuba mask and clearing the mask as if it would be nothing.


Increased Awareness and Safety: Through scuba diving, my son’s awareness of his surroundings improved remarkably. His first real danger awareness occurred during his initial dives in the pool. He quickly reacted when he noticed a pool cleaner approaching and warned me to avoid a collision. It was a breakthrough moment for him.


Remarkable Progress: Over the past two years, I have intermittently dived with my son in the pool, and recently, he achieved his PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification at the age of ten, becoming the youngest licensed diver. This accomplishment has brought immense joy and pride.

Positive Impact Beyond Diving: The positive impact of scuba diving has extended beyond underwater experiences. A few weeks ago, while walking with my son in a shopping center car park, he prevented me from walking into the path of an oncoming car. His heightened awareness and quick response amazed me.

A Journey of Growth: Through scuba diving, I have witnessed firsthand the significant developmental progress my son has made. His brain has shown remarkable improvements, and he continues to flourish.


Conclusion: Scuba diving has been a transformative and empowering activity for my son with autism. It has enhanced his awareness, safety skills, and overall confidence. I encourage other families facing similar challenges to explore the potential benefits of scuba diving for their children.

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Airlie Beach Dive Centre/ Scuba Seals Team 2018. My little man with his seals team

Airlie Beach Dive Centre/ Scuba Seals Team 2018. My little man with his seals team

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